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Camp Spillway Retreat (CSR) – adventure camp is ideal for building the ‘healthy risk-taking ability’ that helps children & adults to understand their capabilities and limitations. It is essential for their bio-psychological and social development. Foremost among all, going out of the house, getting physically active and spending time away with strangers is a health risk the children take during the adventure camps.

Camping in nature’s abode is a perfect way to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. A camping getaway ensures a lot of fun, especially when experienced with your near and dear ones. Camping is not only thrilling, but offers a lot of health benefits too. It lowers the stress levels and boosts the immune system. The peaceful atmosphere around the open, bright, and sunny surroundings put your mind in a complete state of relaxation.

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Vill. Bharwakatal,
Near Maldevta (via Raipur)
Outside Dehradun,